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Spot trends together with your colleagues

Get inspired and gain new insights together with your colleagues

Do you fully harness the curiosity and creativity of your colleagues? The many are smarter than the few. Co:tunity makes it easy and fun to capture, analyze and share trendspottings together with your colleagues – wherever you are. 


Understand your future – together with your customers

Discovering the future together makes ground for a long lasting relation

Seeing the world as rapidly changing and complex? You are not alone. Show your customers that you are forward thinking and invite them into the process. Co:tunity has fun and easy to use functionality for Collaborative Foresight activities such as Delphi Timeline, Trendspotting via web and mobile, Online Roundtable, Trend evaluation and online Consequence tree co-creation. 


Customized crowd

Enhance insight while saving time and effort

Fast and fluid trend spotting with dedicated trend advisors and digital agents

The world of data is exploding, and the key to success is transforming data to valuable insights in fast and inspiring ways. Let our network of trend spotters and future advisors deliver enhanced insights. Or let digital agents scan up to 280 000 news sources for relevant trends, consumer insights, or competitor tracking. 

Save time, effort and money and let us know what area you wish to cover - and we´ll hunt the ground for you!

How does it work?

Set up

Decide your area of interest with a clear purpose and brief. Are you just looking for inspiration in general, or are you interested in a more specific area? Should it be private or open? You’re now ready to invite your colleauges and spark the flow.

With Co:tunity you can easily invite participants with email invitations or push-notifications. If your challenge is open, participants can also sign in with their preferred social media account. You can also decide what roles your participants should have in your challenge, i.e. should the person be able to create posts, analyze, or even start their own challenges?


Participants can capture and share trendspottings with supporting images, videos, links, documents etc. All posts are visible for all the invited team members to collaborate on with comments, votes and chat conversations. Highly rated and commented posts are highlighted to give wider knowledge and inspire people to connect, change and improve.


Access the unique methods and tools used by Europe's leading Future Strategists. Analyze key trends together. Define and evaluate big ideas, or identify unsolved problems in a more collaborative environment. Co:tunity analytics features are based on Kairos Future's well proven tools and methods.

These methods have been used by hundreds of organizations worldwide, published in several books and taught to thousands of students, including gratudates of the International Certified Future Strategists programme.


Secure widespread adaption with auto-generating report and newsletter features. Co:tunity's built-in newsletter and report feature lets you create newsletters or reports and select content from your list of captured spottings and trends.

Edit how posts will be displayed, preview online, or send a draft to yourself for review. Add and edit subscribers and send it out when you are ready. You can also publish (and unpublish) newsletters online, all for your participants' ease of access.

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Do you need to re-think your communication strategy, strengthen your brand(s), develop new products, or find new customers segments? Co:tunity is a unique multifunctional smartphone app and web-based collaboration platform for trenspotting, idea development and problem reporting developed by Kairos Future. With the Co:tunity app it's easy to gather, share and analyze trends, ideas or problems- wherever you are.

Always on the go with our app(s)

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Cotunity is a crowdsourced trendspotting platform for companies and organizations. Gather, share and develop trends and ideas in real time. Get to the future first!

Book a Demo

Cotunity is a crowdsourced trendspotting platform for companies and organizations. Gather, share and develop trends and ideas in real time. Get to the future first!

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Cotunity is a crowdsourced trendspotting platform for companies and organizations. Leave your contact details if you are interested in becoming a Cotunity partner.