Upcoming Co:tunity events in Mexico

Cotunity's partner Tantum Group will shortly arrange a series of seminars in Mexico on how to use collaborative innovation to stay competitive in today's increasingly complex business landscape. The first presentation takes place in León on August 16 followed by Guadalajara, Monterrey and Ciudad de México.

Future Starts Here

The launch of the youth entrepreneur project Future Starts Here is now only weeks away. Hectic preparations are in progress for hundreds of young entrepreneurs to start using the Co:tunity platform to connect with organizations throughout Sweden.

DEKRA knows that Innovation is more than Ideation

At DEKRA, a global inspection company with approximately 40,000 employees, innovation is at the top of the agenda for the company’s 100th birthday in 2025.

Use the wisdom of the crowd for scenario planning

Scenario planning is a powerful tool for managing complexity and uncertainty. By combining scenario planning and crowdsourcing you can widen your outlook and involve more people in the strategy work, thereby helping your organization to gather around a common vision.

A new spring for collaborative innovation - moving from hype to productivity

The world’s top leaders are convening at the World Economic Forum in Davos under the theme “Creating a Shared Future in a Fractured World”. We now see a new spring for collaborative innovation and a move from hype to productivity.

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