New partner in Mexico

We are happy to announce a new partner, Tantum Group Mexico, who will help its clients grow and prosper by incorporating the Cotunity platform into its Business Innovation solutions. 

Cotunity empowers the full spectra of innovation activities, from TrendScan; a digital tool to share trends or phenomena in the market among the participants,to IdeationLab; a space to capture, share and evaluate ideas among the participants, and InnoFunnel; where ideas are analyzed and developed in depth to conceptualize prototype, and finally U: panel; where the concept is filed with a qualitative and / or quantitative market test, and even with the possibility of involving internal and external communities (crowds) for validation. 
Tantum Group offers all the conceptual and technical support for the evaluation, design and implementation of this platform in Mexico, helping to design and develop innovative business strategies and innovation in products and services.

Tantum Group Mexico now offers to publicize the benefits and functionalities of Cotunity through a presentation of the software with a Breakfast Conference in the month of June in our different venues to which you are cordially invited.

Mexico City June 21, 2018
Guadalajara June 26, 2018
Leon June 27, 2018
Monterrey June 28, 2018

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Boka en demo

Är du intresserad av en demo? Det är gratis och går fort – du kommer gilla det!

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