Kinnarps recently conducted a management conference for its 60 top managers in Europe. The challenge was to engage the leaders with the Group Management Team in its strategy implementation. The challenge was to provide the Group Management Team to present the strategy, while providing other managers the opportunity for discussion and feedback in a way that encouraged dialogue and support.
The conference was held in one day. In the morning session the focus was to present the strategy based on the various business areas. The managers were divided into smaller teams of five. Each member of the Group Management Team presented his or her responsibilities for 15 minutes, upon which the smaller teams for five minutes discussed the contents and gave instant feedback in the chat function of Co:tunity. The comments appeared simultaneously on a screen, so that everyone all the time could directly see the comments.
The afternoon was carried out as a variation on World Cafe. Again, the participants were divided into groups of five people. Everyone got a common question to talk about: How do we do for the success of the strategy? During the conversation, they wrote comments, ideas and reflections on the strategy in Co:tunity. After 30 minutes they changed groups and continued the conversation, around the same main issue but with a new supporting question. The deepened conversation was again documented in Co:tunity. This was repeated in one more turn, with new groups for 30 minutes. During the work Kairos Future made compilations and clustering of the material in Co:tunity.
The results and benefits of the conference were multiple:

  • All participating managers were given the opportunity to discuss the strategy and its parts in detail
  • The interactive action between Group Management Team and other executives during the morning's presentations provided high energy levels
  • Immediate documentation of comments and ideas from the conversations
  • Immediate feedback to the Group Management Team
  • Group Management Team could provide direct comments to what they had heard and seen
  • A solid common ground for the entire European management team to implement the strategy, regardless of country, division or function

"World Cafe, Urban Trend Hunt, targeted TrendScan challenges. Collecting and analyzing insights from a global team can be tricky, but with Co:unity it become easy."

Elisabeth Slunge Director Global Range & Communication, Kinnarps


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