Öppna ett Innovationsfönster på din web

Place a small Innovation Window on your websites for fast and easy gathering of customer pains and ideas. Get immediate answers to your questions, run insightful chats and collect new qualitative input regarding customer service, marketing, product portfolio etc.

Your website visitors and customers are the ones who regularly use your products or services and with a new Co:tunity Window widget you can now super-easily involve your them in your innovation process. 

  • Decide what challenge and question you wish engage your customers in
  • Set the scope of your dialogue. Open and anonymous posting or logged in members only?
  • Display a combination of a quick poll and posting, chat and posting, or just chat, poll or posting. 

Customers voice can illuminate your challenges in ways that may not occur if you kept your challenges in-house. Further, encouraging customer feedback can also lead to better business relationships and stronger customer retention.

Soliciting, accepting and organizing input from feedback and suggestion boxes can be a daunting task. However, with the new Co:tunity Innovation Window widget it is easier than ever and comes integrated with a complete Innovation Management processing tool. You can mark chat comments and posts for further handling such as rating and clustering to Needs, Trends or Concepts. Tag pains or ideas to relevant unit or person for further action or choose to include it in the built in newsletter or report module. 

For more info, contact Trond Bugge
Director Collaborative Innovation

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Är du intresserad av en demo? Det är gratis och går fort – du kommer gilla det!

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