Kombinera frågeformulär och co-creation

Boost your innovation capacity with introduction and asking of questions in a combined setting with problem or idea sharing.

Introduce questions and answers on a scrollable page or with step-by-step interaction. Add images, videos or documents along with your question and decide among a variety of question & answer-type options:

  • single choice (e.g how old are you?)
  • multiple choice (e.g at what times to you normally watch TV?)
  • rating (e.g which of the following features do you prefer most)
  • grating (e.g to what extent do you agree / disagree with the following statement...)
  • free-text (e.g what is your favourite fruit?)

Fully responsive and touch friendly 

The Questionnaire has a fully responsive - desktop, laptop, touchpad & mobile - look and includes touch friendly functionality for all type of answer options.  Clients that has combined questionnaire with a creative phase of idea generation report of engagement on a deeper level and gathering more specified ideas. They are of couse also able to combiation to see patterns between different demographic groups, user behavior and ideas.

The questionnaire module also supports statistics with excel export and correlation analysis. 

For more info, contact Trond Bugge
Director Collaborative Innovation

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Boka en demo

Är du intresserad av en demo? Det är gratis och går fort – du kommer gilla det!

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